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Hard Drive Imaging Service The perfect complement to a our Remote Backup Service!  

This service can dramatically reduce your IT costs by simplifying the deployment, migration, configuration, and recovery of servers, workstations and mobile PCs.

What Is Hard Drive Imaging?
  Imaging (a.k.a cloning a hard drive or hard drive snapshot) copies the complete contents of computer hard disk drive(s) to external media for safe storage. Although not commonly used as a daily backup method, hard drive imaging definitely serves a key purpose when your computer needs to be completely restored to the way you set it up to run every day.

How It's Done:
  • We will come to your location and create the image of your computer hard drive and then store it in our secure off site location.  Most of our customers have this done once a month, or after they have installed new software, or made major software changes to the computer.
    In theory, you'll need to do this just once (unlike regular backups, which you should perform daily).  You may never actually need the image file but if you do, you'll be awfully glad you had it done.
  • Not if but when your hard drive crashes we will restore the backup image to a new hard drive (if required) and you will be back to normal operations within minutes, rather than hours or days.
    The Cost:
      $25 per created computer image plus a $35 service call fee. The service call fee is only charged once regardless of how many computer images are created that day at the same location.

    Remote Backup Services
    • Backup as Many Computers as you Want!
    • Monthly Recovery CD's, DVD's & USB Harddrive Service
    • Large Amounts of Data Storage (1 + TB)
    • Up to 10 years data retention (Daily backups retained on our system.)
    • Personal Recovery CD's, DVD or USB harddrive - Get your entire backup account delivered to you on CD's, DVD or USB Drive. Great for maintaining long term archives or accessing files when off-line.
    • Easy to Use - Our software allows you to set it up and forget about it.  If you have ever used Windows Explorer you'll be right at home using our software.  It comes with a "Getting Started Wizard" to help you get going and walks you though the entire setup process.
    • No Email Spamming or Pop Up Advertisments

    • HIPAA Security Compliant ! - Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer and stays encrypted on our servers.  Only you have the key to unlock the encryption.
    • Meets HIPAA’s off site data duplication requirements.
    • Backup NTFS Permisions
    • Backup Open Files (Win XP, Vista & 2003)
    • NO Hardware to buy and maintain!!
    • Available 24/7  - Our Servers are ready and waiting to service your on-line, off-site storage needs, from any internet connection.
    • In-depth daily email reports.
    • Additional web interface to access your data from any Internet connection.
    • Unlimited Backups & Restores.
    • Recover Files Instantly - Recover your offsite backup data from any date within your retention period.
    • Recover Files Anywhere - Dead computer or server? No problem, a simple web interface allows you to immediately restore your online data backup from any internet browser on any computer.
    • Saves you time and effort while providing the highest level of data protection.
    OS Supported:
    Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista
      Windows  x64 XP,x64 2003, x64 Vista
      Mac OS X
      Unix / Linux
    Databases Supported:

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