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Equipment Hosting

Rack Mounted Services

Servers must be rack mountable and fit into a standard 19 wide rack mount storage unit. Monitor units with keyboard, video, and mouse units(KVM) are provided for customer use. If the customer requires and independent control unit then the unit must be a fold down rack mount KVM, and approved by the provider. Control units shall be assessed fees related to size. Independent Control Unit cables are not provided by the Bitech Computers. The customer shall provide all hardware for the rack mount.

Our Environment Includes:

  • Security cameras throughout
  • Round-the-clock systems management with onsite personnel
  • Redundant UPS systems on separate power busses
  • Backup generators with on-site fuel capacity for 160+ hours (6 days)
  • Redundant HVAC systems to ensure that the data center remains cool
The result is a physical and technical environment delivering the reliability and flexibility necessary to support mission-critical Internet operations.

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